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funbrillo Rating
This is a good and really sweet love story. It has very little smut but two guys who have feelings for each other that slowly build from friendship to more.
lonelybetters Rating
There are a few lines of dialogue towards the end seeped with a subtle beauty that I found to be a poignant encapsulation of what it means to fall in love with someone - rather, this book as a whole is a tangible manifestation of the feeling. The angst is present, finite, but palatable and I greatly enjoyed the gradual unfolding of the quiet intimacy between the characters, who make each other whole in their simplicity. I came across Flutter years ago, and it is a privilege to have finally read it - overall I'd recommend it to anyone to whom loneliness speaks through fiction. It isn't a striking piece, but at least I found it beautiful.
Bunny777 Rating
Cute story but the writing doesn't fully connect all the way through; the dialogue is disjointed in a way that makes you have to do some of the work to figure out what's going on… it's a little annoying. Otherwise it's a nice adult love story with nice art and no non-con (thank goodness). Rent, don't buy.
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