User Reviews For: If You're Gonna Plow, Go Deep. -Extra Episode: Private Shots-


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ebookrenta0gvt73eij Rating
This couple is very cute.
tsdc Rating
Such a smutty follow-up that needs to be read by fans of the original series. I love how manly the couple are portrayed and how passionate their love scenes are drawn.
mariaflora1208 Rating
Hahaha. I'm glad for this extra. Kippei is really sweet. Too much fluff!
saynerd Rating
I am just so happy that I got one more little bonus from this series! It became such a fast favorite, and this extra brings just as much promise as all the other chapters. ;)
funbrillo Rating
I am giving this 5 stars because it is an extra to Plow Deep. I loved that manga and have re-read a few times. I love the story and art. I really love how this mangaka draws the male body. Very sexy behinds on them. I liked the extra and hope they do a few more.
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