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Dofu Rating
I enjoyed this author's work, but I feel like it wasn't really what I was expecting from the summary. If you are expecting the couple on the front of the cover to be the main focus of this installment, you are going to be disappointed. Their story was made up maybe a fourth of the manga at best. I wanted to read more about them, but their story doesn't really start until maybe a third of a way in. It's frankly disappointing especially considering how the other two couples in the series have almost whole mangas talking about them. Overall, I like the author's work. However, I left disappointed.
funbrillo Rating
I really like the books in this series. The previous reviewer complained about how short the cover story is for this couple. I think it was fine because as you read the other books you get to check in with all the couples. Although the main couple on the cover of this book will not have stories in the 4th and 5th books (you do get a small picture of them saying they are doing fine). Good series overall and best to read it all to be able to check in with all the couples.
Vegal88 Rating
Questa serie 竪 tra le mie preferite. Affronta anche tematiche forti ma riesce a farlo in modo fresco e non pesante.Mizushima e Inaba son la mia coppia preferita, insieme a un'altra... c'竪 da dire per嘆 che io ho un debole per i personaggi occhialuti ahahah
malcosky Rating
I like the story but kind of disappointed. The story should more focused on the main character Mizushima & Inaba and I don't understand why there's other characters from the previous story being a filler here when they are already have their own story. I don't mind If it added as an extra.
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