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bloopbloop Rating
okay so it's kind of the typical jerk seme and feisty uke but it's somehow charming to me?? the art is really pretty and i'm looking forward to an update!
SadAsian Rating
Tsundre top+older bottom=perfection
mlor023 Rating
I love age gap BL and this did not disappoint! A very cute couple.
mizore Rating
Somehow I bought all the chapters lolIt was okaaay though I expected more conclusions
forthemotherofgod Rating
It's awesome-sauce, I love the younger seme, older uke kind of thing. The art style is awesome, and the story's pretty good too.
yukixyuri13 Rating
Omg im loving this already! I love that he doesnt just take it. I cant wait for the next one
MioAkiyama Rating
Very cute and tons of smut overly possessive brother that loves his older brother that is willing to steal anyone that shows interest in his stepbrother. Highly recommend !!!
marmar808 Rating
I absolutely love this MangaIt's so cute but I mostly thought some of it was funny
Ren4Liz28 Rating
Loved it!!!! That is all I have to say!
Guest Rating
I'm sorry but no. For one, I hate when a character literally assaults the other and they just act like it's no big deal and go on as if nothing happened. I also hate when Haruhi said the brother just wanted his (Haruhi's) happiness. WHEN? All the brother did was be rude, treat him like a servant, and ASSAULT HIM. How would that make someone happy?
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