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Shiichan Rating
For the first time I am amused by Harlequin story. Shion Hanyu sensei's art work is just WOW! as always. I think I will reread this over Halloween next year.
maquila Rating
The ART is super lovely, but this book suffers a problem a lot of the Harlequin books suffer from - it jumps around and the translation isn't that great. It feels really rushed. Part of the problem I think is that the heroine keeps getting her memories erased, so I think part of the jumping is caused by that - but it's to the point that at one point there's a sort of...jump through time, and I had no idea if i was that or a memory wipe or just a bad translation. Huge chunks of the story just made no sense. While definitely not the worst translation/huge jumps I've read, I wouldn't recommend this one unless you can get it at a discount.
Avocado94 Rating
A vampire romance with my favorite kind of ending
Kristih3113 Rating
Loved it, but wish there was more!
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