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Shiichan Rating
For the first time I am amused by Harlequin story. Shion Hanyu sensei's art work is just WOW! as always. I think I will reread this over Halloween next year.
maquila Rating
The ART is super lovely, but this book suffers a problem a lot of the Harlequin books suffer from - it jumps around and the translation isn't that great. It feels really rushed. Part of the problem I think is that the heroine keeps getting her memories erased, so I think part of the jumping is caused by that - but it's to the point that at one point there's a sort of...jump through time, and I had no idea if i was that or a memory wipe or just a bad translation. Huge chunks of the story just made no sense. While definitely not the worst translation/huge jumps I've read, I wouldn't recommend this one unless you can get it at a discount.
Avocado94 Rating
A vampire romance with my favorite kind of ending
kagome21 Rating
This book is wonderful. It starts out how you'd expect but quickly there's twists and turns. Things happening that you didn't expect. The art work is brilliant and allows your imagination to see something physical or better yet brings your minds eye to life. I would read this again.
Aslinng Rating
The way the artist told the story was a set back and I couldn't feel the growth of the feelings of the characters for each other. Beside that I liked the setting.
meganabeatty Rating
I like this one a lot. They don't have many paranormal stories. So it was a nice change of pace.
Machve05 Rating
Love great endings :)
Kristih3113 Rating
Loved it, but wish there was more!
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