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I really love this couple, even more than Akito's brother, Shoyo, and Haruma's story on the prequel. Though he has his weak moments, Akito is a strong uke, both physically and mentally so, despite his small stature, he wasn't girly nor whiny, which I love. And though the seme, Muzaffarid, lives up to his "arrogant prince" personal of the title, couldn't help but liking him as you can kind of see how his upbringing, position, and responsibilities have made him the way he is.All in all, a great buy that's worth every penny... The fact that the art is really good as well is an added bonus!
The drawing style was amazing and the couple were very entertaining it just felt very rushed towards then end and some loose ends were tied up to quickly in my opinion but overall not a bad manga just wish it wasn't rushed
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