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maquila Rating
You're going to be confused reading this because the first 3 chapters have nothing to do with what's written - but the next few chapters after that do. It's actually a collection of a bunch of different love stories that are all focused on the three princes of a school and them finding love. So be prepped. That said, they're all pretty cute!
Lovesall Rating
I absolutely love it!
Nyanko Rating
This is a collection of stories set in the same universe, and the title here is an odd (technically correct) translation that made me think it was the dom/sub thing that gets trotted out a lot of the time. It's a shame, because these are romances with different hints of flavor, all sweet. The first three stories involve the "3 Princes" of the high school - the earnest puppy-love boy, the laid back art guy, and the guy with the chilly demeanor. The fourth uses a character from the third story, and he's the pop star with the heart of gold. Nothing particularly new, but they're told and illustrated in a charming manner with a good streak of cheeky humor that runs throughout. I'm not personally a fan of the illustration in the second story, but the third one was just gorgeous and they were all luxe and bright in VertiComix so it was a pleasure to read. The stories have a little bit of sweet and a little bit of heat, so ignore the shades of black leather in the title.
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