User Reviews For: In the Wake of a Broken Heart -Sleeping with His Younger Brother-


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Nyanko Rating
Well. So that happened. The story is short and moves at top speed, then collapses into the ending. The characters have backstory, but it's all pretty trite and none of their stories were expanded on, so I couldn't muster much interest. The art is good, but with characters so forgettable and a storyline that can be categorized in the "a bunch of stuff happened, then it was over, the end" quality level, it doesn't matter. Part of the fun in this type of story is in the naughtiness of a (sorta) taboo situation, but this story didn't bring it. Since the cheating fianc辿 doesn't even have a line (or face), any interpersonal drama is restricted to some harsh words and minor fisticuffs. Just skip it and read the ingredients on your breakfast cereal.
theakaneko Rating
Considering they go into it with Denial and Angry Desire (it is better than that sounds), not bad... the details of the brother who broke her heart are sketchy - he doesn't even have a face - but the smex is hot and the couple are very sweet together.
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