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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I love Earithen's art!! I'm a sucker for her work. But this story was lackluster for sure! I hated Cindy's friends. I hated the reason for why Kyle started to notice her. It wasn't a very good story. It just listed things that are attractive about the person, it didn't flow very well. Art was great!!! Story not so much.
Majala Rating
I tried really hard to like this story of inner and outer beauty, but there was no charm in the "hero" and no evidence of his genuine affection for the plain Jane heroine before she undergoes his make over (whatever he says later) ... this is an old fashioned Cinderella story where the Prince Charming has very little going for him. I only gave it 2 stars because I love the art work of this particular manga artist, unique and very stylised.
dianemoonair Rating
The story was heart warming but very fast paced and a little jumbled. I loved the art work and the underlining message of the story but the friends could have gone at it a bit better. Overall it's a nice quick read.
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