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Majala Rating
Predictable but sweet
Weeb4Life Rating
It was fine I guess, fairly predictable but enjoyable enough. It's nice that the guy had feelings for the girl for a while, but it took him way too long to realise it and even longer to actually tell the girl. Honestly, while he's nowhere near the worse HQ male lead, he's still not that great. He comes off as really flaky and unreliable, I just can't trust his words or feelings, so the abrupt ending where they get married left me very worried for the girl, I can't help but feel that he'll inevitably end up hurting her. The girl is a real darling, modest and very sweet, trying so hard to be strong, and so hurt by her ex, I feel so bad for her since she spends most of the story suffering in silence and being generally unhappy, while the guy keeps inadvertently hurting her (I'm a huge bleeding heart though, and a massive sucker for woobie characters). If HQ stories weren't forced to have a HEA I feel that the girl would be much better off leaving the guy, she could do so much better.
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