User Reviews For: Bending for the Beauty -I Want to Give You Everything-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I like it!!! It's like going zero to sixty in no time at all!!! No teasing it out whatsoever. The art is great, it's got a nice mix of cool and cute going on. Hayato is one of my favorite type of characters, the misunderstood good guy kinda bumbling along. And along comes Ryo, the campus hottie!! Life will never be the same. Ryo acts like a little puppy around Hayato, so when the escalation happens I was just as surprised as Hayato!!! But the morning after is probably more shocking! Ehh?! What's gonna happen!!!
Ayala55 Rating
It's quick to the action which is not a bad thing and the characters are adorably awkward. They keep calling out awkward top a gorilla as if he's unattractive but while he's not the pretty bishie top, he's still good looking. Our seductive bottom is so awkward, its too cute to handle! I love it, I want more!
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