User Reviews For: Feverish Magic, Curse of Love. -I Feel So Hot...-


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mellowfluff Rating
Nice art and good story! It gets steamy quickly. Cant wait till the next update!
What Rating
Such a good read that latest chapter. The artwork is really spectacular and really sucks you in. Probably the most intriguing reads by far. The story and sexual scenes are coordinated differently than most I've seen, compositionally appealing in my opinion.
viosarah Rating
I keep checking to see if they have come out with more. It is such a good series!
Andromeda Rating
This story has me hooked, I want to know more, more, more! The steamy scenes are sexy, the art is beautiful, and the unknown is killing me! Can't wait for the next update!
Mangareader Rating
Art is beautiful but I think the steaminess is too sudden - I hardly get any character development before I'm rammed with lewdness.
Binxbun Rating
I really love this series! Steamy, beautiful style, and mysterious storyline...I only wish it came out faster!!
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