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This series was a wonderful surprise. The character development is on point and misunderstanding are cleared up in a realistic manner. The way the two MCs interact is so sweet and it makes the heart beat super hard. A great story overall!
This is exactly what I like for in this type of manga. The characters have beautiful facial expressions, there's a depth of character and moments that will make your heart beat in anticipation. I really hope it doesn't become love triangle-y later on but I really really like how realistic and down to earth the characters feel. Also small chest clique over here giving a high five to manga like this ??
This is a refreshing and we'll structured story and is exactly what I needed in my slump of manga reading. A focus on character development and the beauty in the self is a simple thing that I don't see too often. I was reluctant to use so much coin at first but as it is a relatively quick read and a good story, I have no regrets.
I realize the title talks about the chest but Iori does focus on her dissatisfaction with her chest a little too much at times. That being said the characters are beautifully drawn and as a small chested woman this story feels relatable when so many other manga are pumping watermelons on unrealistic bodies. I like the dynamic characters and the development over time - great story and I can't wait for more. (I do hope the love triangle thing goes away though - just a personal peeve of mine)
I love this series thusfar because the characters have emotional depth and the female main character is fairly strong and makes decisions that affect her vs being thrown into the 18+ portion of the story. Plot points move forward with logic and doesn't dance around emotions without a proper conversation like so many stories like this. Art is also proper beautiful and relatable. I can't wait for the next chapter!
Art is beautiful but I think the steaminess is too sudden - I hardly get any character development before I'm rammed with lewdness.
Maybe this is a great manga with amazing plot and good character development but color me affected by American society. I can't get over the fact that she's named Karen and I read half I what she says with the sarcastic undertones that fit the stereotype we've established for the "Karens" in America. This might be a wholly personal reason for me giving it four stars but I literally could not get past the first chapter because I kept thinking the female MC was going to ask to speak to someone's manager. I know it's a weird thing to think about as a translator but I can't be the only one who saw this as a mental block.
Similar to others I originally thought this would be pretty cliche, but the character development and nuance in the story is insane - I have to say I'm a little peeved at the female main character for some of her decisions, but this series delves into the why pretty deeply. Literally never expected a deep conversation about Stockholm Syndrome when diving into what seemed to be an endless smut. While logically I know who she should choose (and I typically hate the heck out of love triangles) there is a balance of characters on both sides of the story and the author puts effort into every character's story. I do wish the female main character had deeper final conversations with some of the characters vs "I follow my heart" but there's enough nuance to make me feel content.
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