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Well ain't this just the spice of life haha. The story starts after both of them know each other and gets to the point at a good bit quick pace. I really like seeing the two sides of Kanata - can't wait to read more!
This is pretty darn consensual but the pent up-ness is still really cute to watch! I'm glad they're really communicative and willing to work with each other in more ways than one!
Highly recommend if you're into something a little forceful but overall sweet. Even knowing the way the plot is going to go, the art really helps and there are some nice heart pounding moments. They don't talk about age much but Nazuku is probably 17-18 and I'm guessing Aya is a couple years older. I love watching characters change and evolve a bit and this does a good job of showing that with Aya.
The sheer steam of this manga is top notch. If you like getting a wonderful dose of character development that is quick to the point but also satisfies both MCs, this is an exciting read. The use of dialogue in between visuals is also very well balanced - I know that's a weird thing to point out but it really does matter with the pacing of stories like this one. The author was able to spin what could have been a haphazard plot into a story of two mature professionals with some real quirks that are actually understandable - it's something I rarely see done effectively but is done excellently here. It's exciting to see the moment of internal struggle and thought processing in each character as they think about their actions (but in a way that really helps the story). Readers please enjoy!
The art slowly degresses and the guys personality switches into overly eager mode way too fast withough enough character development. This story could have been beautiful and a little steamy but it just felt kind of abrupt.
Art is pretty good and it's a unique story for sure. While I can't judge much since only the first chapter is out so far, it is a bit fast paced. Just falling into a situation like that is a bit of an eye roll. Then again, seeing the vulnerabilities of both sides before learning about the characters is exciting. Look forward to reading more!
I've given heavy consideration to this manga and have decided to really like it. I'll explain, as some of what others don't like is valid. It's obvious the author is trying to put a spicy scene in every single chapter, so things can get redundant and, do I dare say, jaded. There is actually an integral plot at play, which for the sheer amount of intense intimacy, is pretty impressive for a manga. Honestly, even though the female MC is weak-willed as heck, we do get a look in the minds of all the primary characters and need to approach this manga from the perspective of it being a woman who feels she doesn't have any control and is perpetually giving in to pleasure. Sure some of the back story could have been a more compelling to make the MCs as depraved as they are, but nevertheless, there's no easy way to include spice in every single chapter. There are some key plot points where these scenes actually add quite a lot to each character's personality - those are the moments I live for.
It was good, but the plot moved a bit too fast and is pretty cliche all things considered. It's great male mc doesn't care about looks but he comes off as just regular in terms of plot points that are supposed to make him look good. The art is nice and I guess it's a nice few chapters but it isn't anything particularly unique.
The art and characterization in this are truly great. I actually had a dream where I looked at my phone and it said "new chapter!". But obviously since it wasn't released yet that was all there was to it. Can't wait for more!
This is an extraordinarily unique premise and I'm super glad to see characters that are insanely unique. Can't wait for more!
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