User Reviews For: My Girlfriend Expects Too Much of Me


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This was really good! I totally remember going overboard on trying to make every moment with my 1st bf as memorable as possible too!! It's cute and embarrassing at the same time. Communication and being honest are very important. But also the part where all you can think about is being lovey dovey is true too!! Lol!!! Darn hormones!! Seemed like an honest portrayal of a first serious relationship. Art is ok at best.
nothanks Rating
This story is very okay. The art is okay, the characters are so-so, the plot is alright, the sex scenes are meh. The characters in the side story are actually way more interesting and I'd have liked to read more about them vs the main couple, but the rental price is low, so it's not bad for a once over. It's definitely not something I'd re-read though.
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