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H00Tyhoo Rating
A nice batch of stories. I wish the author would pace the stories slower though; all of the sex scenes feel a bit rushed. I still enjoyed it though!
Nyanko Rating
There are a few stories in this one, but they don't really break new ground. The female main characters tend to be insipid and inept, and the males just run through stock roles. That being said, a few of the stories are kind of cute and there are a variety of situations that could appeal to different tastes. All the stories here seem rushed and short. The title story, for example, went from tender back story to writhing on the table testing toys within the first few pages. Pacing like this just kills stories for me. If I can't connect with the characters, I won't care about them. The art is bright and clean, but the male characters seem to have the same face across all the (unrelated) stories. In all, it's not a bad collection but it's not great. I'd say the collection went for quantity over quality, but if you've got the cash and want a few quick stories, you could do worse.
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