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I love the story. This story is about twin sisters. One is girly and the other is a tomboyish one. But the childhood friend of their brother Rob caught the eyes of the twins. I just like how there are other people involved aside from the heroine and the hero. It took for Eliza a very long time to finally blurt out and admit to Giles that she likes him for a very long time. I just loved this Romance story that I gave it 5 stars.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I'm so picky when it comes to harlequin manga!! I don't like playboys or weak willed women and that seems to always be the case. Yes, Eliza is a bit of a push over, but she really tries to stand her own and she really is a loyal sister. Giles was a playboy, but he's only ever wanted Eliza. They just took the really long way to get together. It was pretty good. I loved the art and I wasn't completely annoyed by the leads.
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