User Reviews For: Getting Wet Flips My Switch!? -Do You Mind if I Get Turned On?-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Am I being harsh with this rating? Arts ok. Story, meh. Characters so far seem meh. There's some backstory, not too much to really get a feel for the two leads supposedly longtime friendship. Kinda just have to suspend disbelief and go with it. Not sure if I'll continue reading this one once it updates
sasaraRH Rating
Its not a bad series. I would golive it five stars, but there is some iffy aspects. But i want to see where it goes.So... the first ch for me leaves you with this feeling of should you push on or should you say goodbye and read something else, well as a manga lover and creative writer, i pushed through and am glad I did. Granted the first chapter might not be the best, but i like the second and third chs, as the second is cute, gives you some heart warming kind of expected storyline H scenes between the characters, and sets up for more the third ch, which now i hoping to find out this "condition" of the mfc.So if you are willing to over look the lets call "messy" first chapter for a much thought out few other chapters then go forth and continue to read through, if the push is just not your forte, then dont read and find something more along your likes.Other than that, good read, solid plot thus far, like the art, and am looking forward to how it progresses.
ozee Rating
So far the story is dull. The art is alright, I don't dislike it.
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