User Reviews For: Miss Winthorpe's Elopement


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votoran Rating
Pretty damn great. Nothing to criticize. Even the drama is quick and easy. Just no smut at all, if you like that.
Yarkhol Rating
I loved it
Weeb4Life Rating
This has to be my favourite HQ title! I love everything about it! The art fits the mood perfectly (beautiful at times, comically caricaturish at others), the plot is intriguing (the h must find a husband to gain control of her wealth and indulge her love of books, and coincidentally almost runs over the perfect man, a kind-hearted duke who just lost his fortune in an accident and desperately needs money), and the characters are delightful! The h is a bit eccentric and a huge bookworm, she's strong and proactive, yet has a good heart and tries her best to not let her inner demons get the best of her. The H is very well-meaning and kind, if a bit na誰ve at times, but he will always do everything he can to help those he cares about. These two are truly perfect for each other and watching them fall in love is heart-warming and gratifying. Even the side characters have some hidden depths that might surprise you. I really can't recommend this story enough, this is a definite upgrade for me!
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