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RikasGrayWolf Rating
It was pretty good! Yandere Top without any actual killing, thankfully. He's SMART about how he keeps people away. But he's also pretty damn upfront about the fact that he legitimately doesn't give a flying fuck if what he's doing is illegal or not, as long as his bae loves him in the end. And I honestly love this character as much as he scares the mess outta me. XD Always scared he was literally about to take a chunk of flesh off Yuma each time he bit/kissed him. Our dear Yuma is...well, a hardworking, diligent, but at the same time spoiled Brat XD He doesn't stand out to me much, but he's not a bad character. Tis a normal male M.C. lol. So, I loved it enough for renting, but not enough to upgrade (sorry, author ^^;; )
zahaara Rating
Started off cute. Than it turn bat shit crazy. Stockholm syndrome to the core.
BLenthusiast7 Rating
There is a lot of dub-con (non-consensual sex) in this novel before the main character gives into pleasure after being subdued multiple times by his childhood friend who has an obsession with him. If you are not into this type of manga, I would not recommend buying this.
ShiinaMH Rating
Imprisonment +Yandere +Obsessive Love = Calling police for taking my heart. Hahahah nice. I love the feel for this manga. If you're fine with above-mentioned, you can read this. I can still tell though that everything's pure hearted. Ahhh, first love with obsession is cute in virtual but scary in reality.?
rieunn Rating
One of my favorites, and I've read many! This somehow manages to be dangerously spicy and endearing at the same time. And honestly, although I was concerned at first about uhm. Yasuharu's yandere side. Everything ended up being okay in the end! Like another reader said, I rented it first and came back to buy it because I thought it was just that good! Highly recommend if you have a soft spot for possessive tops!
Animelover376 Rating
Great possive love story
Ren4Liz28 Rating
Very much boring. It actually borders on creepy. "If you die, I'll eat you?" If someone said that to me, I'd call the cops. It is just a strange, no action, stalker story. Definitely a waste of money. Glad I didn't buy and just rented.
RedWarlock Rating
I loved it I could not put it down tell I read it all. Though the hardest part is when he chained him up tell he told him what he wanted to hear,or soI get out of it. Other than that I'm glad that they get together in the end.
ebookrenta0xx36rt96 Rating
I enjoyed it, but they didn't really explore his whole "I want to eat your corpse" thing; I feel like they could've done more with it, as well as focusing more on mc's harassment at work and his apparently regular declarations that he wants to die (Is depressed or just a drama queen lol). Anyway, it was a cute story nonetheless
sennakat Rating
Weird, but enjoyable once you get in to it and it starts making sense.
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