RikasGrayWolf's Reviews & Ratings

I adored every single d*mn story in this. The whole thing is adorable, smexy, perfection.
It's a beautiful read. Just read it. It's worth every penny/point.
The whole thing was lovely from beginning to end. I even came around to liking Tokio's ex because the final bonus 2 pgs were too funny and cute not to love. Definitely worth reading.
I love it. Hinata cracks me up. Gay Disaster. My Spirit Animal, i swear. I love how the relationship developed, but I honestly adore Aki's side of the romantic climb. Wonderful series???
Honestly, it's hella precious. That's all Im gonna say. Go read the whole thing and die from the adorablenessosity overload.
This is so damn adorable it hurts. I love this series as well. I think I'm getting attached to this author
Tis an adorable series. Love the take on werewolves. The whole series was a very enjoyable read.
Adorably sweet???Hilarious a.f because these two suck at communicating and it slayed me.HEA which is always fantastic. And the s*x scenes are downright gorgeous.I read the series in one go. Glad I bought these permanent,definitely a re-read series :3