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I didnt think I would love this as much as I did. I sincerely fucking love this series. Though i am a tiny bit pouty over the fact that we dont get to see what the "something equal" to what Issa gives Hiroto at the end. Lol but that's probably just me being a tad greedy cuz i want more of these two... and to see Hiroto politely tell his boss to take a long walk off a short cliff. -_-Anyway! Money well spent, ya'll
I adored every single d*mn story in this. The whole thing is adorable, smexy, perfection.
It's a beautiful read. Just read it. It's worth every penny/point.
I loved this so much I dont really have the words to express myself. Honestly it was definitely worth every bit of money spent.?
This was so soft and fluffy and I loved each and every character. Also, I'm really hoping that there is a spin-off for Reo cuz that boi deserves love too. ;-; This was a lovely read and I'm glad I bought the series. So worth it. ?
The whole thing was lovely from beginning to end. I even came around to liking Tokio's ex because the final bonus 2 pgs were too funny and cute not to love. Definitely worth reading.
This was sweet and ever so adorable. I love the steady pacing and that the M.C doesn't have sex until he's actually /ready/, but it doesnt feel like it drags on til it happens. It all feels hella natural (despite the circumstances XD ) I seriously loved this series. Money well spent, yo. ~.^
This is The Most Adorable Story EVER. Why are they so cute?! The ending was hella cheesy and precious. Love this series to bits
I love it. Hinata cracks me up. Gay Disaster. My Spirit Animal, i swear. I love how the relationship developed, but I honestly adore Aki's side of the romantic climb. Wonderful series???
It was pretty good! Yandere Top without any actual killing, thankfully. He's SMART about how he keeps people away. But he's also pretty damn upfront about the fact that he legitimately doesn't give a flying fuck if what he's doing is illegal or not, as long as his bae loves him in the end. And I honestly love this character as much as he scares the mess outta me. XD Always scared he was literally about to take a chunk of flesh off Yuma each time he bit/kissed him. Our dear Yuma is...well, a hardworking, diligent, but at the same time spoiled Brat XD He doesn't stand out to me much, but he's not a bad character. Tis a normal male M.C. lol. So, I loved it enough for renting, but not enough to upgrade (sorry, author ^^;; )
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