User Reviews For: The Hooligan and the Night Patrol


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theakaneko Rating
Very cute and different than I was expecting. Both have their pressures and history, but they find the other as someone to rely on
Devilney Rating
Exciting! I love the art work! It keeps me craving for more!
KittyKat Rating
Super cute I love the art and can't wait to see where it goes from here
BWTempesta Rating
OMFG. THIS. This has to be the manga I've been needing my entire life. Somehow it fills some of my needs when it comes to BL lol.
Thenameislynn Rating
A likeable but misunderstood street punk meets police officer. I wonder how this will play out at the end. (Though I could probably make a wild guess). I can't wait for the sensei to complete this manga.~
Ejtrucker Rating
Very good to read
radish Rating
Ahhhh the art style is so pretty!! Will be looking forward to the next chapter ~
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