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Guest Rating
These are a collection of sweet stories mainly about love triangles. They're sweet but it's missing something that would make me give it 5 stars.
Soulview Rating
Very cute short stories
cohen5483 Rating
Yeah... this is kind of generic and boring. First story is about two people who ended up sleeping together while they were in a pretty doomed relationship of their own. Second story was kind of annoying - a couple who's been together since middle school and it's become stale. Third story was super random - this girl is complaining about school to her friend who confesses to her. Last story was also kind of boring - the girl gets asked out by a friend and realizes she has feelings for her childhood friend. Nothing some points there was potential for development but it just skips ahead or there's a huge plothole somewhere.
ebookrenta0gvfz33w4 Rating
Not bad , but just weirded out as I there's more than one story besides the main one . So it's very confusing , but the main guy's super handsome and well drawn in detailed
Pinkysavika Rating
It's okay, but I feel like there could have been more to the stories.
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