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SaraN Rating
I normally like this formula, but it kind of made me... sad? There were funny moments throughout, and it finally got cute in the last chapter, when you got to see from the tsundere's viewpoint. Overall, it felt bittersweet to me which is weird because the story itself isn't that sad. I don't know. I'm glad I only rented. Also, the art was kind of unusual. Proportions were off sometimes. An MC would be standing and his foot would be the same size as his head. There were some Ken Barbie anatomical moments, which is odd because there was the normal censor stuff during smexy times. Bodies were also strongly drawn so sometimes things like fingers looked skeletal. Not bad art, but it didn't flow like I'm used to.
HorseObsessed Rating
I agree with the first reviewer about the fingers & foot, but I'll also add Their NECKS!!! Their bodies look like the Titans from "Attack on Titan", it is not drawn well. I do like the story, not enough to keep it though.
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