User Reviews For: The Second Sales Division!! [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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LetMeIn Rating
A MUST READ! Fluffiness to the max! The sweetest love story!This is my absolute favorite of all the yaoi/shounen ai I've ever read! I like how the uke is insecure about his feelings and trying to hide them, the story has a slow pace and it's a wholesome and fulfilling story. Such pure and sweet love, the seme is so gentle and wants to be pampered and wants to pamper and spoil the uke too and I love how they're bickering and joking and being playful. My ideal type of relationship! The flow of the story is smooth not to mention that the art is beautiful. Such a heartwarming and healing story, I CAN'T GET ENOUGH! And the few but just perfect intimate scenes are filled with love and passion. Ah I've been healed.
nr34547 Rating
Such a great story and fabulous artwork! This story made me laugh and tear up. It's a must read for anyone who has read any of the other works Sensei has on Renta!
Cute, check. Gorgeous, check. Refreshing, check. Lighthearted, check. Funny, check. Love, check. This book is a keeper. Love the fun moments between the two. Also love the chemistry and dialogues between the two.
Julukacross Rating
Kei Kanai's unique art style, character design, sense of humour and great story telling all shine through in this work. The characters are so endearing that you are rooting for them from the first page, and of course you know they will end up together. I love her comedic touches and how real the dialogue feels. For any other author the summary of the plot may feel dull: two salary men fall in love, but with Kei Kanai it feels fresh, fun, and very sexy. I highly recommend this, it has all the feels!
missbecks Rating
LoisLanes Rating
I really love the story. Very sweet and adorable story. I honestly want more.
orangefonta Rating
This is one of my favorite reads yet. It had no right being as sweet, fluffy, and adorable as it did, and I loved every second of reading it. 10/10 emphatic recommend buying this one!
MaDoReader Rating
One of my favourite Kanai Kei's work, they are so fluffy and adorbs that my heart melted ;)
tdel55 Rating
One of my favorites! Just a simple, cute, and fun read.
kira Rating
THIS MANGA IS SO ADORABLE, I LOVE IT SO MUCH. if you want a fluffy and light read, then this one is a must read!! i love how seiji is acting like a big baby most of the time and ayumu is just going along with it. i need moreeeee
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