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Ah, so cute! Two rivals who end up liking each other but both are too prideful to give in first! No unnecessary drama, quite happy and upbeat storyline, and I like the characters. Simple yet healing! (review written after second chapter)
I'm happy that the dom/subverse seems to be the next big thing after omegaverse! The premise is still so novel. Anyways after reading ch 1 I'm looking forward to how their relationship develops. A caring dom that follows the sub's pace is the best. And a sub that seems to have a trauma and thus despises his own characteristic.
After ch 2, I'm 99,998% certain that this story will become my new long-time favorite. The amount of caring-! Deep, healing and fluffy all at once! I already shed a few tears, too relatable. Can't wait for more!
Oh gawd these kinky cuties!! They're just CRAZY for each other! So. much. Smut! And double the amount of love! This author is far too good at making sickeningly sweet love stories, the syrupy taste will last the entire day. Basically both are rating to go all the time, the top is super pampering and the succubus is a shy and little innocent cutie who is still damn good at strirring even me up not the mention his lover! A feel-good story with not much drama or deep aspects.
YES. If someone can draw out raw emotion with realistic characters that is Yuitsu. I simp for Junta so hard, he is the cutest though guy I've seen! And I love puppy-like caring lovers (who are a bit of an airhead too). They just -- COMPLETE each other!!
3rd story of the series (excluding the spin-off between nro 2 and 3 according to the author) and ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER! AND THIS TIME IT GETS A BIT SPICY! Just s little though but more than before, made me sweat. Their relationship is only getting better and I liked the peek into Mr Shiranui's past, good thing he's changed. Another person with a different skill was introduced, seems like he is similar to how Mr Shiranui was before. Dunno how to feel about him yet.... I LIVE FOR THIS UNIQUE STORY!! GIMME MOAR!!
I usually never write these before all the chapters are out, but I'm making an exeption after the first chapter. I LIKE THIS. Psychic abilities? Check! A good kid with a too sheltered life? Check! A school-skipping delinquent who has some drama in the family(?) and is kind? Check! I think the personalities of the two match perfectly, this will be a cute read!! Sign me up!
Rate 3-4 stars. I just couldn't get into it. So disappointed. Why did I buy this. I like the art, the premise, the characters' identities but hate how the male leads interract with each other. "How to force your crush to drop their people-pleaser mask by forcefully groping them against their will and acting like you own them 101!" I hate how the bottom just let's the top do as he pleases and at one point even apologizes for saying no when top touched him without permission (often!). I just scrolled half-way through the story 'cause f this.
This is hilarious, smutty and adorable at the same time. I love how the uke is such an honest airhead and how caring and gentle the seme is. And I can feel the embarrasment the seme feels every time the uke straightforwardly blurts out a random or NSFW compliment about him XD. I might have a thing for these massage stories! Or maybe I'm just in need of one.
If you're looking for a realistic, bittersweet and slow-pace story with a heartwarming happy ending, search no more! I'm in love with this story, one of the best I've ever had the pleasure to read. Certainly this ain't all happy fun times, but you can LIVE the story through the characters' feelings and relate to them very easily, which makes this story perfectly realistic in my book. Two people with harsh unrequited loves meet and turn to each other to save themselves from grief and learn to accept themselves as they are.
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