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If you're looking for a realistic, bittersweet and slow-pace story with a heartwarming happy ending, search no more! I'm in love with this story, one of the best I've ever had the pleasure to read. Certainly this ain't all happy fun times, but you can LIVE the story through the characters' feelings and relate to them very easily, which makes this story perfectly realistic in my book. Two people with harsh unrequited loves meet and turn to each other to save themselves from grief and learn to accept themselves as they are.
Just a delight to read this! Shounen ai, slow pace with a great and an unique story! You can see how the boy's feelings grow and how he himself doesn't even understand it yet. The love interest so far seems to have only neutral feelings yet a bit interest towards the boy at the end. As the other comment said, CLEARLY A FIRST STORY IN THE SERIES! Nothing much happens between the (future) couple in this volume, but who cares since the story is just that interesting. Very sweet and the conflict the boy experiences with his power is super interesting.
Gosh I haven't had this much fun reading a manga in ages! I am absolutely in LOOOVVEEE with the bottom! He's righteous, strong, caring busybody with a quick temper. The top seems cool and intriguing but is actually your average sulky teen with a cute side. Both "brothers" slowly come to terms with their parents' remarriage. The story is great, the characters are amazing (I'm a fan of the twin sisters too!), character development is fantastic and I love the art style and how expressive their faces are. I'm not 100% fan of how easily they drunkenly went at it, but their reactions the next morning were the best, nothing like your cliche yaois. 10/10 would reread this every day.
I LOVE THIS. The base of the story seems to be quite cliche (childhood friends meet again and turn lovers) BUT IN NO WAY IS THIS A CLICHE STORY!! I love it, it's sweet and a fluffy story and it has surprisingly many new aspects that I've not seen before. Expecially the top, never seen a character like him before and that's saying a lot. And this is sooooo hot too!! And having a bigger bottom is just the cherry on the top. And no homophobia! Having a same sex partner is normalized as it should, only the bottom felt at times a bit worried but everyone else was super supportive. I've been healed.
I love this story so much! It's a heartwarming story with a deeper undertone of discrimination and perhaps slightly self-acceptance. A half-beast and a human, and interesting combination. And stories with children are always a win in my book! I'll come back to re-read this many times, I already know it.
Absolutely a beautiful story. As two lonely people from different worlds with huge responsibilities on their shoulders meet, they feel the similarities and curiosity towards each other and slowly grow closer. It's a slow burn story, I love their interaction since it feels so very genuine. Not many smexy times but honestly I think this doesn't need any, it's merely a plus, the story's that wonderful.
Absolutely adorable! Well-paced story about two guys who have completely opposite personalities. The long unrequited love takes its toll but when he tries to get over his dear "friend" the gears of Amor's plans start turning... Quite classy storyline but still oh so entertaining! I like the glasses theme as well, very fitting somehow. Not really many smexy times but by god the sexual tension at times was more than enough. I really like the "top" who is a bit of an airhead, a puppy and the type to follow his feelings rather than rationality. (Btw the hint at the reversible couple at the end was a killer!)
Wholesome story of two high-school kids being lovey-dovey together. Not much depth in the story, just smexy times, loving kisses and such, but their cuteness does make the reader feel happy and satisfied.
4 (or 5?) basic feel-good smut plots, not to my taste. The first uke looks too child-like and feminine to my liking, and the best part or this manga is perhaps the art. The stories had potential but ended up being trashy. The second story starts up cute but ends up in threesome and incest and is actually more twisted than it seems. Not to my taste at all but the bed scenes are well-made. I liked the fourth story though. Okay to rent I guess.
A positive surprise! I wasn't expecting to read such a cute, realistic and simply interesting slow pace story. I thought this would be one of those basic quick smut stories but no, this had an actual plot and beautiful art. You feel for the characters as they are pondering their own feelings and coming to terms with their feelings of love. It's not annoyingly prolonged either, just perfect. I love the little brother as well, he helped making the story fulfilling. The brothers' sibling relationship is so sweet and they are both low-key brocons. I will come back to read this one again, it's so healing and heartwarming.
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