User Reviews For: There's a Wolf in My Bed [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Miggles Rating
Absolutely outstanding! Loved every page, and the art was sooo cute!!
SKS142325 Rating
Omg!!! I'm in absolute love with this!!! I love how everything was connected As well and genuinely This is exactly what I've been looking for. To the author i want to say thank you and you are amazingly talented! Xx
Lisakun Rating
I loved it can you make a Another about the brothers in it little brother's babies
FoxyFlare Rating
This was a very entertaining read. Plenty spice and laughs.
fluffyunicorn89 Rating
Three adorable, fluffy love stories with loveable characters, plus cute puppies integrated into the plot. Very cute how the last story links back to the first and we get to see Ume and Yoshito as a couple who have been together awhile. Great humour throughout.
Waterbaby09 Rating
I absolutely loved this I can't stop rereading it. I would absolutely love another story about the other couples and any more babies to come from any of the 3 couples. I would take as many sequels as possible
Kitkatz Rating
The story was a cute read, and the scenes were well drawn. This is a wonderful manga and we'll worth the price!
Lewvina Rating
OMG, I freaking love this! It flowed so well together. I really want more.
Bebstarry Rating
I love it! It's one of my favorites.
YukiQuin Rating
Love wish there was more
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