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Majala Rating
6 stars. After a fairly predictable beginning, this has everything ... a very strong heroine, a dependable (and dependent) hero... yes, he's rich in the Prince Charming mode but he starts the story with nothing and even after he regains everyrhing, he has to learn humility I loved it! The art work is grwat and it's a modern day story for a modern woman. Brqvo for the characters, the author and fantastic manga artist for bringing it to life.
Tigersmeow Rating
The plot was fast paced, there was no chemistry between the characters, and I feel like they left out a lot of the details and skipped around just to get it over with.
Weeb4Life Rating
A very sweet and touching story with two likeable and well-rounded leads. Grace is very sensible and scrupulous, she has a strong sense of responsibility which leads her to do everything she can to help someone in need and often acts as the voice of reason when the ML gets carried away. She also refuses to sacrifice her dreams and her job since they're part of who she is, so it's up to the guy to step up and show he understands her and can be the person she needs, especially since her unwavering support have proved that she's the person he needs. I have a few nitpicks but overall I really enjoyed reading this and would gladly recommend it.
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