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Majala Rating
A little bit too macho for modern tastes, classic misunderstanding and runaway wives but overall, a good read and some great art work set in a fantastic location.
Weeb4Life Rating
As expected the conflict was caused by misunderstandings and lies perpetuated by Ruy's mother and Carmelita, but unlike most cases of this I think this ultimately helped the leads and was something they both needed to experience. The leads both have very deep personal flaws and insecurities which they needed to realise and overcome before they could truly be happy together. The difficulties they faced helped them to do this so, although they suffered a lot for very stupid reasons (and now have the scars to prove it), it was definitely for the best. Sometimes we need some hardship in our lives to grow and become better, happier people.
mrzero Rating
it was a lovely story
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