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Weeb4Life Rating
Touching and very heartfelt, this story is all about family love, how deep down every parent truly wants the best for their child, some just might not show it in the best way while others might take a while to realise it. Valentina has deep self-confidence issues since she's a normal girl, who's now a young single mother, within a family of genius engineers (it's easy to sympathize with her feelings of being a burden to her loving, supportive family). Giovanni, despite being ambitious, determined and ruthless when it comes to work, is actually very sweet and earnest, even childish, he's so adorably smitten with Valentina (and actually blushes way more than she does!) and so besotted with his babies. I also love how adamant he is that she not give up on her dream for the sake of their sons. These two are so devoted to each other, to their kids and to all their family. This story is so full of selfless, unconditional love, it will flood you with the warm fuzzies. Go hug your parents!
bElikewaterDC Rating
This was so good!! The babies looked so cute and the ending was satisfying. It reminded me of Love so Life, so cute!!
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