User Reviews For: Trapped by Vialli's Vows


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Weeb4Life Rating
That ending. F**k that ending. This would have been a fairly nice, enjoyable read if not for that *** ending. So, clich辿 plot, innocent, na誰ve girl (who's actually studying astrophysics and has been accepted for an internship at NASA!) dates cold, heartless playboy a-hole, who dumps her when she starts talking about their future, then she discovers she's pregnant. To her credit, despite how appallingly he treated her, she still does the right thing and tells him about his baby, only for a-hole to be the biggest sack of turds ever (and considering most HQ males, that's saying something). This human garbage is utterly irredeemable and his sob story excuse is laughable after everything he's said and done. But what I hate the most about this story is the ending: when the leads are getting married, the girl gives up on her dream of being an astronomer because apparently being married to a scumbag is a better dream come true. No. Just. NO. I hate this story and I hate the art, don't buy this
Reiko Rating
I get the gist of the story but am heavily appalled at the fact that she did the internship and everything just to give it up for someone that essentially used her.
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