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Mrsmangame123 Rating
The main couple is a total opposites attract. Older office lady that's cold to her younger and hotter coworker that's absolutely in love with her. Getting their signals mixed and then finally finding a HEA. The other stories were one shots and just as cute. For a seinen manga it had a lot of heart and of course plenty of grown up stuff wink wink. Pretty good collection.
pyxlflip Rating
The characters struggle with their own mental roadblocks and have chemistry that's awkward but sweet. I really love how genuine the interactions feel and how the characters seem to truly care for one another. It doesn't have the kind of borderline abusive actions that ruin a lot of the other smut on this site for me. The art style is also refreshingly unique, though the blushing is a bit much sometimes!I recognized the artist from a series she had written focused on BDSM, which unfortunately isn't on here... though Nana to Koaru has a lot of niche fetish stuff that I normally wouldn't find interesting, it was wonderful watching those character's relationships slowly develop and evolve. I would've liked to spend longer with these characters ( in this manga, there's one longer story that goes a few chapters, then some one-shots. )
Nyanko Rating
Finally, subversion of all the cliches, these stories are hot and ring true! The stories here don't rely on the same old done to death passive female characters in romances. Here are the women who know their own minds, and want to actively take part in their own lives, including their sexuality. The title story upends the traditional gender and experience roles, and other stories include other women who enjoy taking charge and indulging their lusty sides. These stories are about women who are tired of being led around in life and love and want to own themselves. A really good collection for readers who have a little life experience and realize it doesn't have to be all about stock characters, tropes, and cutesy. Real life is funny, sexy, painful, and dirty - just like this.
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