User Reviews For: Let Me Eat You -A Younger Guy's Secret Menu-


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Jedirenagade Rating
I'm giving this one star because the female MC gets sexually assaulted twice then the male MC comes to
randumbpho Rating
Read this is you like seeing lewd actions being forced on a really submissive female MC. Each chapter delivers with the spicy love content that you're looking for.3 out of 5 stars because I'm not a fan of the art style, weak plot and hard to like characters. The art isn't bad, just not my preference. I'd like it more if the lewd scenes were more graphic, plot was more believable (I know it's supposed to be a dirty fantasy for readers but it's a bit much to swallow), and if female MC wasn't so submissive. Hard to tell if I'm victim blaming her or she's submissive for the sake of sexy plot.To the 1 star reviews. Give it low stars if it doesn't deliver the lewd content it advertises or executed it poorly. Not because you don't like dominant male leads when the title is
Yahiko03 Rating
No. This is not for me. Too much assault on main female and waste of pages with a complete stranger.
GeminiLiger Rating
Listen to the reviews. This is just really bad.
Loving Rating
Disappointing plot them male lead uses manipulation to have his way with her honest quite over these plot lines won't been buying anymore of this mangaka artwork since the #metoo movement and quite disgusted with how it lead to this situation when she get sexually assaulted.
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