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KyokoHizuri Rating
Chi-Ran's art is breathtakingly beautiful! The story is lovely and it moved at a nice, easy pace. Plus, I loved both of the main characters.
JenFaust81 Rating
I love sensei's art. It's so beautiful. The characters...Declan is the best one really. Which seems odd to say lol Even the main girl was one I disliked for awhile! I mean...I dislike cheaters and those who help them cheat. Though she seems very naive about everything. In the end, it was a pretty good story.
Weeb4Life Rating
Very respectful and heartfelt story, the leads are thoroughly decent people. Olivia is na誰ve, positive and honest, she tries to believe the best in people which is what made her see the kindness in Decan but also what blinded her to the evil in Jeremy. Decan comes off as cold and detached but he's actually very sincere; when he realises he's fallen for Olivia he immediately breaks up with his gf and whole-heartedly pursues Olivia, never gives up on her even when she tries to push him away out of heartbreak, and gives her the time and space she needs to clear her heart and mind and get her sh*t together. I really appreciate that Olivia is given time to heal her wounds instead of rushing a HEA. It's not enough for her to fall in love with Decan, she needs to trust him and his feelings for her as well, which is refreshingly mature of this story. Also gotta give kudos to Jeremy's wife who shows up towards the end to kick ass and take names! HEA for everyone (who deserves one)!
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