User Reviews For: Just One Taste Isn't Enough! -Wanna Come Over Again Tonight?-


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laniaash Rating
I need more! Lol. The art and story are really good. The buildup of their relationship is very promising.
mitsukuma Rating
Loved the story! Got me hooked! The story development was at a reasonable pace. However, I would've liked them to elaborate more on the ending!!!!
cohen5483 Rating
The story's interesting, though I wish we'd meet the FMC and MMC's parents - would of added more dynamic to the story. The two seem to be well matched for one another. It would also be nice if the story could further explore each MC's passion and how they propel towards it more...for the MMC, it came out of the blue and for the FMC, it was mentioned but nothing really changed. The ending was completely cut short - I wanted some closure!
pomelomummy00 Rating
It's quite a good plot! Interesting and different from others adult-mangas... tho' for the firts chapter... was deeeeeeep~~~~ ( T^T )But good! I'm going to follow~~
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Wooaa. I like the Arts and the story seems interesting too
AngieAurora93 Rating
Beautiful art and very cute story. There was a good ending but it could of been better and give us more of idea of yuu and momiji's future. But overall i was really hooked to this story!
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