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personofives Rating
Very nice artwork. Not just any can artist replicate a character accurately in every panel. It's a 18+ manga so be aware of that. If you buy this because you want to know what happens I'd say it's worth it although would've wished there was more or another volume that continued it. It being uncompleted is the only downside.
hanandduke Rating
It's freakin hilarious
LMonster2 Rating
This was both a thrilling and super cute story about the growth and realization of love between friends. I can't get enough!!
Feedhim2thehorror Rating
Very cute and fun to read
Makotaz Rating
It's a nice read! I think because everyone is quite matured, so there isn't anything too dramatic! It would have been nicer if the last chapter was a bit longer. I guess the author can always write another vol. if she ever decides it so.
tofufufu Rating
It's alright.. The art is fine and the plot's interesting enough, but I wish there was better character development. A lot of it seemed rushed and sudden. Overall a fun enough read.
HeySayJeskuh Rating
I'd say this is one of the rare BL manga that I nonstop read from start to finish. It's a very good read and wished it was longer. Worth it :)
Aillin69 Rating
Lovely and cute series. If you are looking for something that's light hearted with straight to the point finish this is for you
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