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SaraN Rating
A cute collection of pure and smutty love stories. Some are a couple chapters, others only one. Some stories have no smexy times, others that's basically all you get (nothing too graphic), but it's always clear there's love in every story. I kind of wish there were fewer one shots, so some stories could have had more chapters. I rented this. I'm debating whether to buy it. I probably will as I love cute stories. And animal ears.
makmaklala Rating
I wish the first couple got a bit more freaky, but it was still cute. Also, I wish there were more animal ears in this collection instead of just the first story. But the art was still cute.
shadowkazaki Rating
All the stories are cute and very unique. Not all of them have love scenes, which is totally fine. They are quite short, but they have really interesting storylines.
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