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AinoKusabi Rating
Abby, a headstrong businesswoman, has lost her job thanks to political crap within the upper management where she worked. After her job loss, which is all she had, she decides to take a couple of months off to rediscover herself and forget her failure, when she accidentally meets Gar, the owner of a ski lodge. The art is very pretty, and the characters do grow. Other than the fact there isn't enough 'happily ever after' at the end, this is a good story. Simple yes, cookie-cutter yes, but quite satisfying.
Bookworm7421 Rating
The art is great and the relationship between the two leads is nice without too much drama. However, the FL's indecisiveness was a downside that made the story drag on. Her reason for being so indecisive and secretive is revealed at the end, but it's not that great of a reason, in my opinion. I felt bad for the ML who had to deal with her.
Weeb4Life Rating
A simple, charming and down-to-earth story about two genuinely good, earnest and hard-working people who fall in love while helping each other through tough times. Abby's life revolved around work so being fired completely destroyed her self-confidence, so now she's trying to pursue a more relaxed lifestyle and change herself, but since she always gives 200% to everything she does it doesn't go well. Gar has his own problems dealing with his addict ex-wife, but he's a natural knight-in-shining-armor and is immediately drawn to this strong, competent woman with a hidden vulnerable side. These two have the best chemistry: no uncontrollable lust, instead they feel so at ease and comfortable together that they constantly flirt like dorks and crack jokes, while always being there for each other. Perfect example of a healthy relationship. No stupid drama, no excessive angst, just warm feelings and a caring heart. Lovely.
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