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Bravo! Great story--worth every penny. I can't wait for more!
Pretty art, hot guys, touching story and all the naughty bits you could want, but...the ending felt rushed. I think the author's MCs were great guys, respectful of one another, but they were robbed of a really awesome HEA. Just a few more pages! Damn.
You know what it's all about, and the art is nice too. Ha ha ha!
The farther the story goes, the better it gets. Of course, it's got the classic smut, considering the theme. But the two men, especially Daiki are interesting. I get a sense, Daiki's quite clever but he's chosen to hide his feelings. I hope the chapters continue.
Very good story! Love this author!
I wonder who will top? That's the question on my mind. Because both MCs seem to be hotheads, and I'm sensing a possible tsundere uke? The art is pretty good. I can't say much about the plot yet. It's too soon for that.
Even though My Neighbour Mitsuru is cliche with the "childhood friends reunite" routine, it is also a fluffy, sweet read. Seriously, there's so much fluff and happiness, you can't help but smile. The art is very pretty, and the chibis are fun! I'd love to read more of this artist's work!
Wonderful and fun!
Good so far. Mr. Pec's (for short) starts with an atypical scenario and it has the sexy smut. Sweat drops are a bit much, whatever. But I think there's more going on than the MCs' budding relationship. I'm hooked and looking forward to the next chapter.
Yep, I agree with the first review. There's a massive explosion--fireworks everywhere! I hope the next chapter is as good as the first.
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