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Although the story seems to have fairly predictable vibes thus far, the art is beautiful, and I like that the FL isn't a complete push over or an idiot. Both her and the ML seem half decent, with genuine feelings, but then...who knows, it's early days yet.
Overall, not too bad. The Canadian setting was nice for a change. Most stories I've read usually have England, Australia, Italy, Greece or the US, as their setting. Both characters were typical of this type of romance. The story had a good pace, and the development was okay, with a predictable but satisfying ending. Definitely a classic Harlequin romance.
Very nice.
A very enjoyable read, for a change. I might just read the entire series.
If you're looking for something simple and nice to read, Do You Like Handsome Men will probably be up your alley. This story is a slow-burn romance with truly endearing characters--a total feel-good read with pretty art. I thoroughly enjoyed every page!
Love happens in strange ways. Even though the plot and setting are common, the author did a good job of making the story different. Kakeru and Makoto are quirky. Nice. A second volume would be awesome.
Loved it, and love this author!!! Pretty art. Good story. Very touching. A breath of fresh air from the usual in the genre.
Quite amusing, and the story isn't half bad either. I hope this story has a good ending.
Fun, smut, and love! You can't get a better balance than this. I thought this would be another senseless smut fest, but how wrong I was; the ending was just as I'd hoped and made it totally worth the read. Daiki's a sweetie! A second volume with the two leads would be awesome!
Both leads are funny in their own way; the art's nice, and the story doesn't seem cliche, so far.