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The first story is cute, a feel-good read, but the second one had scenes that made me cringe a bit. Not sure what to think...
Asking for Trouble: too much story was crammed into not enough pages, which made it feel confusing. And when a story moves too quickly, jumping from scene to scene, it's hard to feel empathy or invest any emotion. As for the art, it wasn't the best but it wasn't the worst either.
If you're into romance involving sweet college boys, you should find this story enjoyable. The uke is a bit of an airhead with zero confidence, and the seme is overprotective, but interestingly enough, the dynamic between them works, as they try to create a solid bond. Just so you know, the sex is consensual, and the seme really does care about his partner.
The art is gorgeous--love the character's facial expressions--and the characters themselves are beautiful. It's a bit too early to get into the story, but it's pretty good so far. Can't wait for more updates!
Very hot! And the story is pretty good too!
This is a real feel-good story, a fun read. Hope it continues!
A fun story with beautiful art!
The Man Behind the Scars is by far the best HR I've read to date, and I've now read it several times. The length is perfect--the few added pages, which the artist talks about in the postscript, compliment the whole story from beginning to end, giving it a satisfying HEA. The characters are great, very endearing, their relationship and pasts touching, and the art is beautiful. I love Masami Shinohara's art, her male leads are always so handsome and her female characters stunning. She definitely has an eye-catching style that is all her own. This really is a great story, a slice above the rest.
Touching and nice with humorous moments, but very predictable. But then sometimes, I savour predictable, especially when it's "he or she is 'friend-zoned'." I don't mind these type of stories and in this case, Robert is the sweetest guy you'd ever want to meet. He is protective, kind and funny. And Daisy is the same, a girl who deserves what her heart wants most: Robert.
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