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Weeb4Life Rating
Clara was definitely the one at fault here for abandoning her husband without telling him ANYTHING! Jacob clearly has some deep emotional trauma (due to a mistake he made as a teenager), it was what drew Clara to him after all, yet she didn't care enough to ask him about it! She never in all her time with him bothered to try to get to know him or discuss her problems with him, she never once tried to properly communicate with him, she just kept going off on her own, without a word, and coming back when she felt like it, only to outright abandon him when she wanted to keep her baby all to herself. If she felt he wasn't spending enough time with her then she should've told him, if she wanted children so badly then she should've told him and discussed what his problem was! But the thought of talking to her husband never even crossed her mind. What the heck does she think marriage is about?! Jacob also should've talked more but, again, deep emotional trauma that's isolated him for years.
Anihime Rating
Having read this a few times, I've come to understand that while the two main leads made a wonderful couple they also had underlying issues in their marriage. They decide to get married after meeting for one day, so I understood why they didn't decide to talk to each other about their own personal problems until years later, after separating. Even when married for quite some time, their priorities lay elsewhere.I saw both sides of their story and genuinely feel for both of them. I recommend reading this because not only is this a sweet story, but also an emotional journey.Would definitely read again. :)
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