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votoran Rating
Very sweet, normal story. The artist has excellent comedy timing.
Weeb4Life Rating
For having such a light and comedic tone there sure was an abundance of heart and real emotion! Jayde was such a genuinely nice and pure-hearted lady, she cares so much about everyone even if she can't verbally express it too well (her brain-to-mouth filter is pretty busted and she is hyper-focused). Garrett is from a very prestigious family but hides a lot of pain and bitterness within because of it. As they fall in love they finally manage to see beyond their own worlds and issues, it's very gratifying. Candy was also a lot more likable than she first comes across, I'm impressed by how much thought she put into her show and how much she cares about others. It's incredible how a simple dating show managed to make such an impact and ignite the nation's heart like that! Jayde definitely is a national treasure! I also appreciate how consistent the tone and characters were the whole time, everything progressed very naturally and felt believable (for the world they're in ofc). I loved it!
Liverpool13 Rating
So sweet romantic! Also cutie funny couples
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