User Reviews For: That Unexpected Side to my Childhood Friend -Watch Out for the Animal in Him!-


4.7 out of 5

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Summi Rating
It's just kyaaaaaa! It actually is my first book on Renta but OMFG it's so good!
Dezlice Rating
Good stuff
Kiddos Rating
Luv this
corianderpunch Rating
Cute story.
ulysst Rating
Looks funny
ebookrenta0r3f8ycil Rating
love this manga!!! the story is cute and the art amazing.
GhoulDoll Rating
This is so beautiful, that I cannot stop crying. I read ch.8, and I had to take crying breaks. After all of that amazingness, I feel overwhelmed, I can't handle any more amazingness; and so I plan on reading ch.9 tomorrow!!!
Oddharry Rating
Very interesting.... love the character design
Viscerall Rating
I recognised the art style almost immediately as Nonda Noda! Really love their style, it's super fresh and full of expression!I enjoyed the story a lot, it was a good bit of romance indulgence. The characters are solid with an interesting take on common "weak friend/strong friend" tropes. The more sexual scenes were still appealing, and even if you're not too into them, they still have a good place in the story. Would definitely recommend.
Alinari Rating
It was super cute, good art, good story
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