User Reviews For: That Unexpected Side to my Childhood Friend -Watch Out for the Animal in Him!-


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ebookrenta0r3f8ycil Rating
love this manga!!! the story is cute and the art amazing.
GhoulDoll Rating
This is so beautiful, that I cannot stop crying. I read ch.8, and I had to take crying breaks. After all of that amazingness, I feel overwhelmed, I can't handle any more amazingness; and so I plan on reading ch.9 tomorrow!!!
Oddharry Rating
Very interesting.... love the character design
Viscerall Rating
I recognised the art style almost immediately as Nonda Noda! Really love their style, it's super fresh and full of expression!I enjoyed the story a lot, it was a good bit of romance indulgence. The characters are solid with an interesting take on common "weak friend/strong friend" tropes. The more sexual scenes were still appealing, and even if you're not too into them, they still have a good place in the story. Would definitely recommend.
Alinari Rating
It was super cute, good art, good story
Adamantium Rating
A super cute read! Pretty naughty, but I feel like that's what we came here for
Jotan09001 Rating
Very good~
Fluttershy Rating
Would highly recommend
emikoHana Rating
I like the series so far! I'm looking forward to how the author develops the story more
Carrie Rating
Fun read, will definitely look for further volumes.
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