User Reviews For: My Secret Life -I'm Living with a Naughty Ghost-


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andiekae Rating
It moves pretty quick but it's a cute sexy short story! If you want a quick read that'll make you doki just a bit this is the one for you! 4 stars only because it seemed pretty rushed since it's was so short, definitely had potential to be extended.
Koneko89 Rating
So sweet! I loved it! W8sh there was more.
Lewvina Rating
That was so sweet! Loved it!
Viscaria Rating
A cute one shot happy ending.
CalamityOne Rating
Steamy one-shot from the looks of it, no big surprises and an HEA :)
NekoEmma95 Rating
I don't know if there will future entries. As a standalone, one volume story it was alright but as a series the first volume seemed really rushed. And due to circumstances the title isn't really accurate anymore
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