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LettuceGarden04 Rating
It may seem expensive, but you get you money's worth. There are 3 different stories here and all equally great. The first one is about a step sibling romance. It has all the cliches that I love lol, so this was my personally fave. The second is about a long term lovey dovey couple and the last story is about a spacey author x assistant. I love how all stories are mainly told by the male lead POV, it just makes it much better. All male leads are so devoted the female lead, I'm so envious. The art is gorgeous and partly akin to reading standard non-smut shoujo mangas. Smut was wholesome and a tad cheesy lol with the dialogue, but it doesn't deter from the sexy scenes at all. Highly recommend
HorseObsessed Rating
?LOVE? all of the stories in this book!!!?
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