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Viscerall Rating
Interesting oneshot with a unique plot. Meredith and Griff were likeable characters and the art was really appealing. The art style had a kind of mature shoujo look to it which I really enjoyed!There was as much of a plot as there could be in such a short time, which was fine.If you're looking for a unique heroine and plot, then definitely give this manga a go!
Weeb4Life Rating
Not a fan of the art, it's too cartoony for my tastes but the ridiculously exaggerated expressions do fit the comedic tone of the story. I just wish there was a bit more substance, I honestly found this pretty boring. The plot seemed intriguing, Griffin (who is NOT a pirate, despite the title, he actually hates them) magically ends up 300 years in the future, in front of Meredith, who researches pirates, but the whole story is just about how Griffin learns to adapt to modern day life and trying to figure out how and why he travelled through time, as well as how he can return to his own time. Not a lot happens, just a bunch of talking and the same time-travel-culture-shock clich辿s we've seen done a million times (which sucks much of the comedy out of them). And the parrot wasn't anywhere near as prominent as the cover and preview imply, he's barely in this! If you want a very laidback, plodding time-waster with not much thought, then maybe read, but don't expect too much.
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