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I'm kinda glad that all these reviews convinced me to give this a shot. I was apprehensive about the story because I am not a fan of cheating but I can say I enjoyed it. In a lot of ways, it was heartwarming, complicated, and tense. The story really hammers in that the characters aren't perfect. They're not bad people nor are they completely good people. But they can be facing each other equally. That part in Tora's backstory really left an impression on me. I am so fond of the crossdresser boyfriend so I only want their happiness. I really don't like the super jealous boyfriend but if Masami seemed to like him, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. At this point, the story doesn't seem to be concluded so I'm excited and scared of what will happen next.
This is surprisingly more wholesome than I expected. Of course there are kinky sex scenes involving anyone not the MC right now but it's impressively respectable and wholesome compared to other stories with this premise. I'm kinda invested in seeing the development. It earned me a few laughs too so I hope it doesn't let me down.
What the heck. That was cuter and sexier than I could even expect. It was hilarious to boot. There is nothing better than when both parties are really assertive in the bedroom. Shinnosuke was hot. And Julius was unexpectedly an absolute sweetheart. I was so pleasantly surprised at how heartwarming the story became. I'm pretty satisfied with the ending but I'll miss them. Lol
I liked that more than I expected. I think it was a nice story about accepting yourself or your partner regardless of gender/sex. It was also about growth. I just really liked how Hiroto came to love both sides of Hibiki. I want to read more about them. It doesn't even have to be dramatic. I like their cute lovey-dovey interactions.
So far, so good if you like age gaps and an MC like Kuze who shoves his foot in his own mouth and gets himself into these situations. Lol. Motoaki is also much sweeter than I expected him to be and I'm pleasantly surprised. Kuze is a hilariously bad adult and I'm all here for what kind of situation he'll get himself into next in regards to his budding “relationship” with Motoaki.
Hahaha. That was absolutely adorable.
Wow. This is reminiscent of old yaoi from back when and I mean that in a bad way. Divine beast takes a human as their toy. Standard dub-con/non-con story but hey it could pleasantly surprise me. I was so bored that I even skipped through the sex scene. Neither of the main characters were particularly charming. I should have seen the signs when the human looked way too innocent, that it would play its trope straight. I'm disappointed that I expected more.
Omfg. I'm actually crying right now. They're absolutely adorable. God. Seiji is an absolute cutie. I don't blame Haruki one bit for falling for him. That panel for panel in chapter 1 showing Haruki reaching his limit towards Seiji's cuteness was pure art. I can't wait for the next chapter. I just really love manga with food and cute boys.
Their relationship is so cute but I read up to chapter 4 and I'm just crying. Ugh. They are so sweet together. I just want them to be happy.
I honestly hate how much I love this series. Lmao. It's great how their polyamorous relationship works so well and so hilariously. God. They're so stupid, I adore them.
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