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As an occult horror story, this was pretty interesting. I found myself going back and forth to look back at things featured earlier in the story because random things revealed were foreshadowed earlier as apparitions. On a BL level, it lacked an iota of romance. Lol. There was some meaning in them fucking but maybe there was dome feeling there. Kyoichi isn't bad but the amount of non-con acts he pulls on the teacher would strongly suggest otherwise. Lastly, I'm curious if there's more. That ending opened up more questions that I hope would be answered.
Lmaooo. This was sexy but it was also extremely hilarious. Shoichi is such a pervert. A hilarious perverted ass-and-thighs worshipper. It was so soft and fluffy seeing how much they would do to satisfy their partner. Haruomi is just so cute, trying to get Shoichi more active with him in the bedroom. I'm obviously not doing this story justice but it's cute, sexy, and funny with two consenting adults.
One chapter in and I'm finding Noah so absolutely precious and adorable and I am also shamelessly anticipating for him to be utterly debauched (with all affection) by Haruyuki. I'd like to learn more about their backstory and relationship more in future chapters but I am perfectly fine with it be smutty. Absolutely perfectly fine with that. Lol
Thank you, other reviewers! The title did not catch my eye at first so I was about to skip it but I read the reviews and bought it anyways. This is an absolute gem. It was all I could ask for in a school delinquent comedy romance. It has a nice amount of cute, funny, and fights. Lol. It's such a light, fun, easy read. I'm enjoying it so far.
5 stars because I enjoyed it even even though the way these each of these characters march to the beat of their own drums throws me off. Lol. Takumi fantasizes so much that I couldn't tell what was real or not and it was extremely funny. And I like how determined Itsuki is in trying to get with Takumi so I'm glad they were mutually attracted to each other in their own ways.
Uguu. Another smutty, supper soft and fluffy story by Sakana Tojo. The way the characters are so affectionate with each other is enough to make feel as embarrassed as the side character cast. But I love every little bit of seeing how they even look at each other. I can't wait to see more moments of them just falling in love.
Ahhh. Haze is so hot. Haze is so hot. I got captivated by his booty. No wonder Isshin is so embarassingly smitten. Slow build up romance to mutual attraction. The author's page had me cracking up. A cute, funny, and incredibly sexy manga. Omfg Haze.
I'm hoping there's more to this! It's adorably wholesome. Mr. Milk Tea is such an alluring, sophisticated gentleman of a cat man while Ronnie is so cute and hilarious with his open book personality and easily tempted by fluffy cat fur antics. I want to see how their relationship develops with how charmed they are by each other.
I'm enjoying it so far. It starts off with the dark premise of the main character's favourite being doomed to die no matter what so she's doing whatever she can to make it not happen. The MC is absolutely true to her desire in trying to make sure her fiancé doesn't die by trying to set him up with the heroine. The ML is absolutely my type: a charming, kind, earnest knight. I'm looking forward to his and the MC's relationship development. The story has been both hilarious but incredibly endearing to me. It's your usual reborn villainess story but it's been a fun time so far.
Omg. Yaassss. So far so deliciously good. The two leads are mutually and consensually horny for each other and like the synopsis says, their sexual chemistry is phenomenal. The daily life aspects are cute and hilarious. But when the sexy scenes happen, it's so hot. And the use of toys is just A+.
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