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Holy wow. That was absolutely adorable. Like the title suggests, it was a story of Yuki falling in love bit by bit until he realizes how incredibly smitten he is with Masumi. It was just so nice to see how well they get along with each other and how much they mutually want each other. I loved this.
My gosh! That was surprisingly incredibly wholesome! Kichiro is a dense but really pure, honest guy. And Natsuo is a really nice guy too. Just everyone was really nice in this story, I desperately need an insulin shot from all this sweetness. His grandma was also really cute.
Ahhhh. This one makes me go full mune-kyun. It's so cute!! And Takashi is soooo hot. I so want him to do some delicious things to our adorable Riku. But seriously, he is so attractive. Just oozing sex appeal with his gaze. The kids are also super cute too.
A nice boy who can't be honest and a very straightforward, blunt boy; they are both so cute. I'm really looking forward to this one and how their relationship will develop. Can't wait for the next chapter!
Wow. I could just feel my heart dying. This was just so immensely cute and stupid. But so very real and cute and ridiculous. I recommend this to anyone who loves the tension of mutual pining and ridiculous cuteness. I just really enjoyed these two.
Wow. That was terribly dull. Cliched, rushed, and did not deliver on the sexy in my opinion. The art was ok?
Oh wow. I absolutely loved this. The stories were caring and sweet with some dark elements in the background. I especially loved the second couple. Manager is just too sexy.
That was so fun. Omg these two adorable dorks. The level of denseness topped with mutual pining is just frustratingly superb. I think my favourite part is after they become mutual and then it's just hilarious because they don't want to lose.
Just read the first chapter and I just expected 3P smut and boy did I get that. Phew! That was hot. But I am seriously curious about the plot now. Definitely buying the rest. The two alphas kissed and that definitely raised its score.
So far so good. A bit cliche but seems like it will be cute. I like the main characters well enough. Interested in what Tsuda's motivations are so I'm sticking around and hoping for good development.
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