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Oh wow. I absolutely loved this. The stories were caring and sweet with some dark elements in the background. I especially loved the second couple. Manager is just too sexy.
That was so fun. Omg these two adorable dorks. The level of denseness topped with mutual pining is just frustratingly superb. I think my favourite part is after they become mutual and then it's just hilarious because they don't want to lose.
Just read the first chapter and I just expected 3P smut and boy did I get that. Phew! That was hot. But I am seriously curious about the plot now. Definitely buying the rest. The two alphas kissed and that definitely raised its score.
So far so good. A bit cliche but seems like it will be cute. I like the main characters well enough. Interested in what Tsuda's motivations are so I'm sticking around and hoping for good development.
Ok. This kind of thing piques my interest. The main character is cute and the teacher is so single-minded about science that he just does whatever he wants to her and I love it. I need a second chapter to see how their relationship will develop into something more.
Wow. That developed waaay too fast. Like I guess smut = good but she gave in so very quickly to him and it went so fast that I didn't really care for any of the characters. Haha.
Honestly it's hot and I like how the main pair cares so much about each other. Plot and story flow is a bit messy but otherwise enjoyable so far.
I found this one really fun. The first couple is my favourite despite such an incredibly fast development but my gosh are they cute. I really feel there is potential in the chubby chasing story. Lol. I'd love it if the author continued it. The art was nice.
I loved it. The story is so soft and fun. Te characters were cute. I like how the bottom really took the time to consider a lot of things with such seriousness. You can really see how they care for each other. The one shot was also nice too. Very sexy.
Lmao. Viola is an amazing main character. Lively and refreshing. I can't even feel bad for the duke that she doesn't give two thoughts about him romantically. Lol
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