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I liked this unapologetically. First of all, there's a lot of non-con/dub-con happening at the beginning. And a lot of extreme privacy concerns being breached (the stalker part) but somehow it turned into a sweet story about loving your partner as he is in spite of being a crazy weirdo and supporting each other and their interests. Lol. It was nice seeing their relationship growth after getting together.
Ahhh i can't stop grinning now. That was so cute and sweet and silly. I love arranged marriage tropes just to see two people at odds with each other fall in love. And my gosh did love make them so cute and goofy for each other and holy heck was it sexy of them. I love finding out how they both fell first and fell hard for each other.
It ended up being more heartfelt than I could expect. Of course the sex is great but the effect it had on my emotions? Priceless. The romance of searching for “that one” in the hundreds of years purely out of love. I can't explain it well but gosh it made me want to cry.
Ahhh. I'm so glad I started reading it. Akari is so cute and wholesome. I don't what character makes up his name but he's my light, my sunshine! It's a simple kind of read but I love how a single moment propelled his life into getting closer to the people around him and that he's surrounded by good people. So much that he can be a light in return for Hajime who also needs to get over hurts he's experienced too. I'm glad I found this now and not earlier. I don't know if I could handle the suspense of not knowing how genuine Hajime was being to my precious Akari. Lol.
That was amazing. Grim is so my type. He is so sexy omfg. I love how loving and supportive these newlyweds are. I had to reread the whole series after so long and regret nothing.
I couldn't stop laughing. You're already here for delicious muscly men in maid outfits so age gap and accidental S&M tendency acquisition aren't far from the tree. This is refreshingly hilarious and fetishy. You might get turned off by a teenager accidentally getting turned on by a kid in the flashbacks but overall it's a lighthearted romp so far
If you can get passed the dubcon/noncon in some places, this is an absolute gem. They're so cute and lovey-dovey and just plain sexy. I want mooore. I want to see them married. I want them to have pups.
That was cute and sexy but (because it is apparently a one shot??!) the pacing was quick and it was just smut. It's a pretty straightforward story. I just wish there was more. I think there could be so much potential to get to know the characters in this world better. Plus they're just so attractive to look at. Lol
Ok. The beginning was super dubious at first with the way Yuito kinda manipulated Haruki. But from chapter 2 onwards, they were honestly incredibly cute together. Haruki is so pure-hearted and sweet. I love him very much. And Yuito is so enamored with him and takes care of him. I basically forgot the premise of the story because they were so cute and sexy together. It was pretty drama-less because they talked about their feelings and didn't draw out unnecessary misunderstandings.
I just can't stop laughing. This is all 3p kinky pwp. The uke is all for the kinky sex and the two semes are willing to oblige with dominating him. I keep laughing at how Keiichi would even think to get out of this relationship when he's such a sucker for all these kinky plays. His denial is weaker than a toothpick. This story is pure threesome smut. Toys, bondage, punishment, denial play, exhibitionism.