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cohen5483 Rating
Story about the FMC rediscovering what being a couple and in love is, as she's only been with one other and hasn't completely gotten over him. She gets drunk one night after a failed attempt with a matchmaking service and the MMC who's been interested in her for a while jumps at the chance to console her. He's thoughtful, considerate and offers to be her boyfriend so she can make better memories. He's pushy at first as a means get her attention because he never existed in her field of vision prior to meeting. After that, he's a total gentleman. Plots where the guy/girl offers themselves as a stand-in, in hopes to get the other party to fall for them when they're still trying to get over their ex are sometimes annoying because you feel for the them when nothing's reciprocated. I was worried at first but the FMC properly looks at him <3
Shirahime Rating
There aren't any reviews about this manga and that's really such a shame! It's a really sweet story! The 0///0 scenes are not as steamy as others, but gets better as the story progresses to the final chapters. The characters are likable and even though they have their own insecurities they face, they stay strong. Its nice to see the story of the other couple as well. The ending is perfect too, unlike other Mangas that feels unfinished or dropped.
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