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A totally random and hilarious book - you can totally bet that it stay focused on animals, and they are such darlings! Fictional characters but based on a real setting/location. Each chapter is random with no relation to the last or next chapter as it deals with a different animal and problem. Characters are likable and funny, not so memorable, but the comedy makes up for it. Not sure why the series is labeled 18+ as this is pretty PG, unless it's a complete 360 in the next volume.... Otherwise, fun, lighthearted, and a humorous slice of highschool-ish book. Rent it.
HorseObsessed Rating
???OMG!!!???I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH!!!??SO FUNNY!!!???I Love this author (this is the first story I've read from him). I'm going to check the rest of his works out.?? You have to read this!?