User Reviews For: A Hot Wet Job for Three -Adult Toy Tester-


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kiwrisun Rating
Pretty hot!! I just wish there were kind of leaves you wanting more! Also it moves reaaally fast and there's not much (it is just one chapter) but overall it is pretty hot! Censored though.. :/ overall 4/5!
Monister Rating
Sexy but sensored
Sleazie Rating
I am a sucker for 3P's. Really good art and love the story!! I want updates ToT
alice Rating
It was very hot! Characters were sexy!
Neko13 Rating
Three attractive guys and sex toys? Yes please! It was just the first chapter, but it's so good!
Feytality Rating
Toys, threesoms, oh my.
megkun Rating
It's a 3P ( if it wasn't obvious from the cover
Cutecat213 Rating
The expressions are STUPIDLY CUTE. It always gave me just enough to press the button for the next volume. And the smut part of the content is good and weighted, enough to actually mean something instead of four-panels-okay-we're-done. Love the emotional progression as well~
SugarCookies Rating
Hot, but overall very fast paced. 3P, with censors, but still very good. Text is a bit hard to read on mobile, though.
Jada Rating
'Twas a good manga
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