User Reviews For: Reframing [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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LetMeIn Rating
Absolutely adorable! Well-paced story about two guys who have completely opposite personalities. The long unrequited love takes its toll but when he tries to get over his dear "friend" the gears of Amor's plans start turning... Quite classy storyline but still oh so entertaining! I like the glasses theme as well, very fitting somehow. Not really many smexy times but by god the sexual tension at times was more than enough. I really like the "top" who is a bit of an airhead, a puppy and the type to follow his feelings rather than rationality. (Btw the hint at the reversible couple at the end was a killer!)
belovedless Rating
This is a sweet story that is mostly about the protagonist hiding his admiration for his childhood friend, who has a penchant for taking care of the protagonist. The story isn't overly sexy. Lots of internal dialogue with a relatively slow build compared to other stories.
kizuna1989 Rating
Adorable! Such a cute wonderful story. Great for some nice warm feels.
theworldturtle Rating
Sweet, paint by the numbers, unrequited love of 2 long term besties that manages to to do it's beats well enough to be enjoyable.
BLluv4Ever22 Rating
Absolutely LOVE this BL! Such a sweet an unique story unlike other BL manga, that kept getting better all the way to the end!!! Why did it have to end?! I hope there's a 2nd in the series in the future! (Fingers crossed)
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